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General Information about Roulette at Casinos

The immeasurable level of excitement, the adrenaline pumping action of the spinning wheel, and the fun of playing amid the bustling crowd, is something that drives most gamblers towards the game of Roulette – the king of casino games. Roulette is known to be one of the most popular gambling games. Its name is derived from the French term that literally means ‘Small Wheel.’ The game begins once the croupier spins the roulette wheel-of-fortune in a specific direction and rolls the ball in the direction opposite to the spinning wheel. Once the wheels stops its spin-dance, the ball is pocketed into one number on the wheel, and the player who placed bets on that particular number wins.

Roulette Table

Roulette Online GameA person’s success on the roulette table is exclusively driven by Lady Luck. This is what boosts the level of excitement, and attracts millions of fanatics from all around the world, thereby making roulette one of the biggest revenue generators for the global casino industry. Players get the opportunity to win a fortune by placing two different kinds of bets: the Inside bet and the Outside bet. While the inside bet is placed on the number slot that the ball would stop after the spin, the outside bet is placed on whether the slot number will be even or odd. There are separate independent rules for the lowest and the highest amounts of bets that are applied on an individual basis.

The wheel generally comprises of thirty six numbers divided alternatively between red and black colours. The numbers aren’t arranged in a numerical order, but there might be similarly coloured slots appearing in a consecutive manner. The numbers in the slots aren’t fixed at thirty six and it might differ with the variations in the roulette wheel, with even some small changes in the rules and strategies. The different versions of roulette according to the table layout and some of the most popular ones are discussed ahead.

European Roulette

The European roulette table can be easily recognised by the single green coloured ‘0’ slot at the table top. The European table is fairly easy to use, and the betting grid is also quite self-explanatory because of the simple layout. The inclusion of a single zero on the wheel means that this table provides the best odds of winning as compared to other variations.

American Roulette

American Roulette is similar to the European table, except that it includes an extra slot of double zeros (00) at the top along with the single zero (0) slot. Though both the games are exactly the same, the payouts vary as the odds aren’t as favourable as they are in the European table due to the extra slot of double zeros.

American Roulette

French Roulette

The French Roulette table is basically a redesigned version of the European table. All the betting options and odds remain the same, except some appearance tweaks made especially for this version. The numbers on this wheel go straight to the centre of the gambling grid, with black, red, odd and even bets spanned on either side.

These are only a few types of roulette variations to name as the list goes on and on, with special mentions of online roulette versions. One just needs to pick up the best table, follow the rules and implement correct strategies to get an edge in the game and spin the wheel of fortune.

Roulette Myths

RouletteAlmost anyone who has ever played roulette will have heard their fair share of myths, mostly from other players who think that they have hit upon an unbeatable strategy for winning. However fantastic the strategy sounds, it is always wide to remember that it is probably false.

Firstly, a roulette wheel has no memory. This means that there is no pattern to the numbers or colours on which the little ball ends up. Any notion that there is a pattern to the game’s play is nonsense, though it may offer some small psychological comfort to the player.

But a roulette wheel does not conform to patterns. The ball will land where it wants to, determined purely by chance. While players may enjoy a hot streak where all their bets seem to come in, it will end eventually. Anyone who claims to have a foolproof system to beat the roulette wheel is undoubtedly lying, to themselves as much as anything.

But the unpredictability of roulette is what keeps us coming back to it. The thrill of the game comes from its chance and sense of randomness. All of which helps to make an actual win all the sweeter when it happens. Forget about systems and strategies, their existence is one of the biggest myths in any kind of gambling.

Instead, go to the roulette wheel looking for fun and entertainment, and you are sure not to be disappointed.

Rules of Roulette

A roulette wheel is divided into segments, with a hollow corresponding to each segment. The design of the wheel ensures that a small ball, launched in the opposite direction to the wheel’s rotation, comes to rest in one of these hollows when it loses momentum. The croupier sets the wheel in motion, launches the ball around the rim of the wheel, and wherever it lands determines the winners and losers, the players involved having placed bets on the outcome. Players place their bets, usually with casino chips representing their stake money, on a cloth-covered table called the layout, with a 12×3 matrix of numbers (36 in total) corresponding to the wheel. These numbers form the inside betting area, with other areas marked outside the matrix termed the outside.

The layout allows players to gamble on different probabilities. The selection paying the highest return on a win is that of betting on the winning number, and that number only, paying out at odds of 35 to 1. A one-chip bet (regardless of the currency value of the chip) therefore returns 35 chips to the player, plus their one chip that they bet with. The bets with the lowest return are the outside bets of odd or even, red or black, or those on one half or other of the wheel (1 to 18, 19 to 36). A number of intermediate betting variations allow the player to vary their betting strategy according to the risk they wish to take.

Factors to Consider When playing casino games online

casino games Recently the free online casino gambling has turned out to be a game that is cent percent risk free. Hence, it’s no wonder that online casinos are glutting the world of the web, turning it tougher for the gamblers to identify the best available online gambling sites for them.

As a matter of fact, a lot less pressure and more pleasure is obtained by the gambler playing at an online casino than in the real physical casinos. Noise free and healthy environment at home can bring in good thoughts in your mind which can help in better deciding your lucky number.

Irrespective of the fact of playing at a free online casino or a web gambling site involving the real money, the real pleasure of gambling is obtained only when the site provides you with all the expected features of the real casino. While selecting the best gambling site a lot of things are there which needs to be taken into consideration.

You can begin your extensive research from the available lists of the best gambling sites that are provided in the review section of various gaming websites. Check out the top ones from all of these lists and make a small final list of the five best online gambling sites which got repeated the maximum number of times. Then try to open all of these 5 online gambling sites in order to scrutinize them with the target of identifying the best online gambling site for your style of playing online casino games.

Identify the vendor of the software they are making use of. Try to know whether or not the software supplier for the site is well renowned in the world of online casinos or not. Undoubtedly, a quality software brand turns good gambling websites into the best in the business.

Always select a user-friendly gambling site which does not take too much time for time consuming graphics or any other complex steps to play the online casino in their site. To get real gambling pleasure choose the website that makes use of excellent graphical software. For this you also got to have an updated PC with a high speed Internet connection.

Then take a deep look at the manifold casino games that the site is offering for its registered members and guests.In addition to this, go through all the comments and the reviews  of the other current players of that online casino.Online casino gaming has been a revolution of this era. Now people can play casino games sitting on they home couch. Not only that, but nowadays people can get the online casinos reviews and casino tips online too. This great invention indicates that a new era has begun for you to play safely on the Web.

The Roulette Wheel

Roulette WheelThe phenomenon of the roulette wheel involves a combination of engineering and logic, and has been of interest to gamblers for many years. The unsystematic nature of the game comes from the way in which the numbers are arranged as well as its characteristics.

The roulette wheel is in the form of a huge bowl with walls that form different compartments; these walls are big enough to hold the ball once it drops into the compartment, called a pocket. Roulette pockets are red or black, with a zero-pocket that is green. Some wheels, known as American wheels, also have a green double-zero pocket.

Number arrangements may be one of the main factors of randomness in Las Vegas, but when playing online, things are different. Each form of online roulette has a piece of software called a random number generator (RNG) determines where the ball will drop in an online roulette wheel.

This RNG is similar to the one found in slot machines both online and in regular casino. Masses of random numbers are produced each second, and one is selected when the wheel is spun, directing the virtual wheel to a final result. This ensures randomness, and appropriate odds, two elements that are essential for the game of roulette.

Many questions about roulette focus on the differences between American and European roulette wheels. The only contrast that is worth mentioning is the fact that American roulette wheels have two zero pockets, one with one zero, and the other with a double-zero. This leads to differences in the house edge between the different types of wheels, being 2.70% on a European wheel, and 5.26% on an American wheel

Roulette Software

Play RouletteSpecialized roulette software recommended for online gambling
Online roulette players and casino gamblers find it difficult to determine which internet casino offers the best software due to the fact that there are so many casino gambling sites on the market today. These players do not realize that it is not necessary for them to make all this effort to find the best online casino, as most have many identical features, as online casino gambling is dominated by select software. The following shows a few of the most successful online casino roulette software that are on the market today.

Microgaming: PlatinumPlay

PlatinumPlay Online Roulette

This software is offered mainly to European roulette, and has minimal and unrealistic 3D graphics. This software is not really user friendly for betters, especially when placing bets on larger amounts. One special option this software offers is its ‘zoom animation' and ‘quick spin', which provides the player with a clear view the wheel which increases their spin speed. Sound options are also available with a dealer's voice that announces outcomes.

Playtech: EuroGrand

Offered to both American as well as European roulette, the software has 3D graphics available that are clear and realistic where a magnified view of the roulette wheel is given. Bets are made by selecting chips on the side of the table, and sound effects are also available. The position of the player is also presented, which provides information about balance, winnings as well as bets.Euro Grand

Real Time Gaming: SlotoCash

This software is also offered to both American and European roulette games. Players are able to bet easily with large chips and have the ability to choose the total amount one wants to bet before clicking on the table. By moving the cursor over the various betting prospects on the table, areas affected by the bet are accentuated and therefore portray the amount of bet money as well as payback. The roulette wheel is shown by a small screen when a spin option is chosen, and in this software, sound effects are considered decent.

Roulette slot o cash

Cryptologic: William Hill Casino 

William hill casino

Cryptologic roulette software is targeted mainly at American, European and VIP European roulette that have higher table limits. The roulette wheel is shown in 3D and players are able to communicate by using a chat option. One is able to see the player's position in the game and the amount of money they have placed on a bet, by clicking on their avatar that is situated on the bottom of the screen. a dealer voice is available which calls out winning numbers, and players are able to click on the ‘pass', ‘clear bets, ‘rebet', and ‘spin' options. In this game a player is able to simply observe, join a table, or play alone if they desire.



Proven Roulette Betting Systems

Being one of the most exciting games available at casinos, the Roulette has garnered a lot of popularity over the years. Like any game of chance, there have been many who have attempted to find a surefire way of tipping the odds in favor of the player, rather than the house.
The 2 most prominent roulette betting systems are the Martingale system and the Labouchère system. Both have their pros and cons, but it's nonetheless valuable to be familiar with both if you want to understand the mechanics behind them.


Martingale systemThe Martingale system is one of the most well known systems out there. In principal, it's based on doubling your previous bet each time you lose, and resetting to the initial bet should you win.

For example, let's take an initial bet of $10. Assuming we win, our next bet will be $10 as well. If we lose, our next bet will be $20. If the round is won, our next bet will go back to $10. This will happen each time you win. If we lost, we will again double our bet in the next round to $40.
The result of this system will be that each time we win, we will profit by the initial bet. No matter how many rounds we end up playing, once we win, our bankroll will increase by $10.

There are a number of problems with these system. The first being that it's very easy to get to a very high bet should you lose a number of times in a row. You must have a big amount of money available if you choose to play with this system.

The second problem arises from the casino's attempts to battle this strategy. This betting system is the cause for table limits. If the table has a minimum bet of $10 and a maximum bet of $500, you would hit that limit within 6 consecutive losses. The chances of this happening are quite high. Assuming you play 150 rounds, you have an 80% chance of losing 6 times in a row, which will leave a $630 dent in your bank roll.

The third problem with using this system is the fact that it's very easy to spot. The casino will mark players attempting to use different betting systems as problematic players. Such players are more like to attempt card counting and other methods that casinos don't approve of.



The second system, the Labouchère system, offers a much more stable betting system, but is rather complicated.
In this system, the player must decide upon a certain amount of money they wish to make, and then make up a list of numbers that sum at the initial number. Once the list is done, the player will bet the sum of the first and last numbers on the list. If the bet is won, the 2 numbers will crossed out, and the player will move on to the next first and last pair of numbers. If a bet is lost, the player will add the amount lost to the end of the list. The next bet will be of amount he just lost and the first number of the list. This will be done until the list is completely crossed out, at which point your bank roll will be up by the initial amount you set out to earn.

I know that it can be a little hard to follow, so I'll use an example. Let's say we chose $50 as our target profit. We'll make a list of numbers that sum up to that amount: 10, 20, 10, 5, 5.
Our first bet will be the sum of the first and last numbers, meaning 10+5 = 15. If we won the round, we will cross out 10 and 5 from the list. If We've lost, we will not cross them out, but add 15 to the end of the list, turning it into 10, 20, 10, 5, 5, 15. Our next bet will the sum of the first and last numbers of the list, 10+15 = 25. If we win, 10 and 15 will be crossed out, if we lose, we will add 25 to the end of the list and continue on to the next round in the same fashion.

The Labouchère system is not without it's flaws. First of all, it's much harder to learn. Second, it is possible to hit table limits, although it will take a little longer than the with the martingale system. You will also need a rather big bankroll for this system, because as I've stated earlier, you can lose quite a few times in row and in that case it can take a big chunk of your bankroll.
Another problematic aspect of the Labouchère system is the fact that it's very easy to spot, because will have to have a pen and paper with to keep track of all of the bets you need to make. It's quite hard to keep track of the bets when you win a few rounds, then lose a few, win once, lose again and so on. And again, as stated before, casinos aren't very fond of players trying to beat the system.

The internet is littered with many betting systems and software that will tell you how much and when to bet, assuring you tremendous profit. The truth is, that most of them don't even work. Those that do work are usually based around the 2 systems listed above.
My suggestion would be to try both out, see how they work for you with low sums of money and avoid any risk.

Roulette Betting

When playing roulette, a player gets many options for placing different kinds of roulette bets. Roulette betting is quite easy, and the player gets a longer period of time than, say, in craps, in order to decide where to place his bets.

There are 2 betting types, called the inside and outside bets. The inside bets require you put a total of the table's minimum bet, and outside bets have to be at least the minimum table bet each.

Now after you the most important roulette tips., you'll have the basics down pat, but we still recommend that you continue reading in order to know exactly what bets lie ahead, and find out how to get better winning odds in roulette. Roulette betting can be costly- some of the most famous bets have resulted in wins and losses of millions of dollars- so it pays to stay on top of the game. Therefore, is pleased to present you with a list of bets and their descriptions.

Outside Bets

These bets are called “outside” bets since they're located outside the area of the 37 or 38 numbers (depending on which roulette variation you play). The outside bets can win only for the numbers 1-36, never for 0 or 00. There are various types of “outside bets”, as explained below.

Red or Black – You guess whether the outcome number will be one of the black numbers or one of the red ones. The bet is placed in the area marked with “black” or “red,” depending on the color you want to choose. This bet is quite common, since the winning odds are almost 50%. A common mistake is to assume, for example, that after 5 blacks rolled in the roulette, the 6th number will automatically be a red one. This assumption is incorrect, and you shouldn't count on it.

The Red or Black bet pays 1-to-1, or even money. You bet $10, you win $10.

Odd or Even – This bet is much like the previous bet, only based on even or odd numbers. You try to guess whether the next number to come out in the roulette (1-36) wheel will be odd or even (0 and 00 don't count). You place your chips in the area marked “even” or “odd”, depends on the kind of numbers you want to choose. The Odd or Even bet pays 1-to-1.

Low or High – Will the next roulette outcome number range from 1-18 or 19-36? That's what you guess when placing the High or Low bet, yet another even-money bet. Once again, 0 and 00 don't have any part of this bet and when they come out, all the outside bets are lost. You place this bet in the areas marked 1-18 or 19-36.

Columns – Three areas marked “2 to 1” are located at the end of the 38 numbers set. Each area contains a different Column bet. When extending a line from the Column bet box towards the other, far side of the table, you can see the column you bet on. When a number in the column you wagered on comes out in the roulette spin, you win 2-to-1, meaning for a $10 bet you win $20.

Dozens – A bet much like the previous one, only instead of columns, you bet on the dozens. There are 36 numbers, which can be divided into 3 equal parts: The first (1-12), second (13-24) and third (25-36) dozens. The bets are placed in areas marked “1st 12”, “2nd 12,” and “3rd 12,” and these bets pay 2-to-1.

Inside Bets

Inside bets relate to specific numbers or number combinations, all located in the number area. The total sum of your bets must be higher than the table's minimum bet. These are the inside roulette bets, in order to help you understand more about your odds of winning the roulette game. The inside bets can also include the numbers 0 and 00.

Straight Up – The easiest, simplest roulette bet you can find. You pick a number, any number, place your bets and hope for the best. When your number comes out you win 35-to-1.

Split – This bet is placed on the line between 2 vertical or horizontal numbers located beside each other on the roulette table. When one of the numbers wins, the payoff is 17-to-1.

Street – Similar to Split, this bet allows you to bet on 3 numbers together, as long as these numbers are of the same row (such as 1-3, 19-21 etc.). The chips are placed on the outside of the desired row. When betting the 1-3 row, the bet will be placed on the outer edge of the number 3. When won, the bet pays you 11-to-1.

Corner – This bet refers to a combination of 4 adjoining numbers anywhere on the roulette table, and is placed on the junction of lines between those numbers. This bet, which is sometimes called a square bet, pays back 8-to-1 when one of the 4 numbers comes out in the roulette spin.

Five Number Bet – There's a specific combination of numbers, called the Five Number Bet, which contains the numbers 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3. The chips are placed on the intersection between the 5 numbers, and win 6-to-1 if any of the numbers come out in the roulette.

How to Play Roulette

There are many things that you can learn from an  roulette guide, and so we hope that the brief summary we can give on this page will really help you out and allow you to understand exactly what you need to know in order to get ahead with online roulette. There are many exciting elements to this game, and so there is a lot to go through in order to make sure that you understand everything that you need to in order to play.

Play roulette

The very first thing that we will mention in our roulette guide is the fact that the games you will find on the internet are exactly the same as those that you will find in land based casinos, so if you know how to play on land then you also already know how to play in an online casino. If this is the case then you already have all of the information that you need, and you can just go right ahead and get started at an online casino of your choice – as just about all of them out there will supply the game for a certainty! It is one of the most popular games in the world, so there is no need to worry about not being able to find it when you play online. Next, what you have to understand is how the game itself works, and so we will describe the process here: you start by choosing a bet, of which there are many choices, but which is based on which number or numbers you think the ball will land on when the wheel stops spinning. You can make as rough or as exact a guess as you like, and of course all of the bets have their own odds of coming up and their own payouts too! Then the wheel will spin, and a small ball spins around the outside in the opposite direction until both of them start to slow down and we see the ball drop into one of the numbered slots around the wheel. These may be red, black, or green, and use the numbers one to thirty six as well as one or two zeros, as we will explain shortly. When the ball has landed all bets are paid, and you will know if you have won or not right away.

Roulette Wheel

The next thing to talk about in our roulette guide is the three types of roulette, as these are very distinct from one another and if you do not know this then you may find that you get confused if you accidentally switch between them. The first one that you are likely to come across is European roulette, which is widely considered to be the most simple form of the game and therefore makes a very good starting point. When you play this game there is one extra green slot, marked as the zero, and there is a set betting table which you will soon come to know very well as you are playing. The next version to look at is French roulette; this uses the same wheel layout as the European one but goes for a different betting table, with a few more options that you can choose if you wish for that little bit of variety. This is also the least common version of the game, as most casino operators do not want to confuse the issue by providing the two types which are the most similar to one another in the same space. Finally, the last version of roulette that you will come across is American roulette, and this game is set up in a similar way but has one additional green slot around the edge of the wheel in the form of the double zero. This adds different options to the betting table as well since you now have an extra slot to include in the bets that you can make, but it also affects the odds and many feel that this version of the game is more in the favour of the house than the player.

Play Roulette

You will next want to think about the different bets you can make, and we would not be providing a full roulette guide to you if we did not mention them. There are plenty of different bets that you can make once you get into it, and there are certain ones which you will spend more time on and others that you might avoid for the whole time that you play, although this is different for different players depending on your particular play style. We start with the outside bets, which have a higher chance of coming in but a lower payout: the most extreme examples of these are the choices to bet on red, black, odd, or even, giving you just under half of the wheel included in your bet. Then you move on to choices like a full eighteen numbers or a selection of twelve of them, and finally you start to move towards the inside bets which are more precise and carry more of a risk. They do have a higher payout however, so they can sometimes be worth it: here you can get down to the level where you are choosing a selection of four numbers or even two, or just the single number bet which can sometimes be very popular. It is completely up to you which kind of bets you end up going for!

There is just one last thing to think about in our roulette guide, and that is just what the benefits of playing online in the first place are. You will find that it is very convenient to play in this way rather than having to travel anywhere, and also that you can enjoy yourself more and learn how to play faster when you are sitting in the comfort of your own home.