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General Information about Roulette at Casinos

The immeasurable level of excitement, the adrenaline pumping action of the spinning wheel, and the fun of playing amid the bustling crowd, is something that drives most gamblers towards the game of Roulette – the king of casino games. Roulette is known to be one of the most popular gambling games. Its name is derived from the French term that literally means ‘Small Wheel.’ The game begins once the croupier spins the roulette wheel-of-fortune in a specific direction and rolls the ball in the direction opposite to the spinning wheel. Once the wheels stops its spin-dance, the ball is pocketed into one number on the wheel, and the player who placed bets on that particular number wins.

Roulette Table

Roulette Online GameA person’s success on the roulette table is exclusively driven by Lady Luck. This is what boosts the level of excitement, and attracts millions of fanatics from all around the world, thereby making roulette one of the biggest revenue generators for the global casino industry. Players get the opportunity to win a fortune by placing two different kinds of bets: the Inside bet and the Outside bet. While the inside bet is placed on the number slot that the ball would stop after the spin, the outside bet is placed on whether the slot number will be even or odd. There are separate independent rules for the lowest and the highest amounts of bets that are applied on an individual basis.

The wheel generally comprises of thirty six numbers divided alternatively between red and black colours. The numbers aren’t arranged in a numerical order, but there might be similarly coloured slots appearing in a consecutive manner. The numbers in the slots aren’t fixed at thirty six and it might differ with the variations in the roulette wheel, with even some small changes in the rules and strategies. The different versions of roulette according to the table layout and some of the most popular ones are discussed ahead.

European Roulette

The European roulette table can be easily recognised by the single green coloured ‘0’ slot at the table top. The European table is fairly easy to use, and the betting grid is also quite self-explanatory because of the simple layout. The inclusion of a single zero on the wheel means that this table provides the best odds of winning as compared to other variations.

American Roulette

American Roulette is similar to the European table, except that it includes an extra slot of double zeros (00) at the top along with the single zero (0) slot. Though both the games are exactly the same, the payouts vary as the odds aren’t as favourable as they are in the European table due to the extra slot of double zeros.

American Roulette

French Roulette

The French Roulette table is basically a redesigned version of the European table. All the betting options and odds remain the same, except some appearance tweaks made especially for this version. The numbers on this wheel go straight to the centre of the gambling grid, with black, red, odd and even bets spanned on either side.

These are only a few types of roulette variations to name as the list goes on and on, with special mentions of online roulette versions. One just needs to pick up the best table, follow the rules and implement correct strategies to get an edge in the game and spin the wheel of fortune.

Roulette Myths

RouletteAlmost anyone who has ever played roulette will have heard their fair share of myths, mostly from other players who think that they have hit upon an unbeatable strategy for winning. However fantastic the strategy sounds, it is always wide to remember that it is probably false.

Firstly, a roulette wheel has no memory. This means that there is no pattern to the numbers or colours on which the little ball ends up. Any notion that there is a pattern to the game’s play is nonsense, though it may offer some small psychological comfort to the player.

But a roulette wheel does not conform to patterns. The ball will land where it wants to, determined purely by chance. While players may enjoy a hot streak where all their bets seem to come in, it will end eventually. Anyone who claims to have a foolproof system to beat the roulette wheel is undoubtedly lying, to themselves as much as anything.

But the unpredictability of roulette is what keeps us coming back to it. The thrill of the game comes from its chance and sense of randomness. All of which helps to make an actual win all the sweeter when it happens. Forget about systems and strategies, their existence is one of the biggest myths in any kind of gambling.

Instead, go to the roulette wheel looking for fun and entertainment, and you are sure not to be disappointed.

Rules of Roulette

A roulette wheel is divided into segments, with a hollow corresponding to each segment. The design of the wheel ensures that a small ball, launched in the opposite direction to the wheel’s rotation, comes to rest in one of these hollows when it loses momentum. The croupier sets the wheel in motion, launches the ball around the rim of the wheel, and wherever it lands determines the winners and losers, the players involved having placed bets on the outcome. Players place their bets, usually with casino chips representing their stake money, on a cloth-covered table called the layout, with a 12×3 matrix of numbers (36 in total) corresponding to the wheel. These numbers form the inside betting area, with other areas marked outside the matrix termed the outside.

The layout allows players to gamble on different probabilities. The selection paying the highest return on a win is that of betting on the winning number, and that number only, paying out at odds of 35 to 1. A one-chip bet (regardless of the currency value of the chip) therefore returns 35 chips to the player, plus their one chip that they bet with. The bets with the lowest return are the outside bets of odd or even, red or black, or those on one half or other of the wheel (1 to 18, 19 to 36). A number of intermediate betting variations allow the player to vary their betting strategy according to the risk they wish to take.

Factors to Consider When playing casino games online

casino games Recently the free online casino gambling has turned out to be a game that is cent percent risk free. Hence, it’s no wonder that online casinos are glutting the world of the web, turning it tougher for the gamblers to identify the best available online gambling sites for them.

As a matter of fact, a lot less pressure and more pleasure is obtained by the gambler playing at an online casino than in the real physical casinos. Noise free and healthy environment at home can bring in good thoughts in your mind which can help in better deciding your lucky number.

Irrespective of the fact of playing at a free online casino or a web gambling site involving the real money, the real pleasure of gambling is obtained only when the site provides you with all the expected features of the real casino. While selecting the best gambling site a lot of things are there which needs to be taken into consideration.

You can begin your extensive research from the available lists of the best gambling sites that are provided in the review section of various gaming websites. Check out the top ones from all of these lists and make a small final list of the five best online gambling sites which got repeated the maximum number of times. Then try to open all of these 5 online gambling sites in order to scrutinize them with the target of identifying the best online gambling site for your style of playing online casino games.

Identify the vendor of the software they are making use of. Try to know whether or not the software supplier for the site is well renowned in the world of online casinos or not. Undoubtedly, a quality software brand turns good gambling websites into the best in the business.

Always select a user-friendly gambling site which does not take too much time for time consuming graphics or any other complex steps to play the online casino in their site. To get real gambling pleasure choose the website that makes use of excellent graphical software. For this you also got to have an updated PC with a high speed Internet connection.

Then take a deep look at the manifold casino games that the site is offering for its registered members and guests.In addition to this, go through all the comments and the reviews  of the other current players of that online casino.Online casino gaming has been a revolution of this era. Now people can play casino games sitting on they home couch. Not only that, but nowadays people can get the online casinos reviews and casino tips online too. This great invention indicates that a new era has begun for you to play safely on the Web.

Famous Bets in Roulette – How to win at Roulette

high rollersDespite its recently-found prestige, poker isn't the only casino game to attract the creme de la creme of high-rollers and spendthrifty moguls. Indeed, some of those big spenders, or “whales,” as they are known in Las Vegas jargon, have won – and lost – real fortunes spinning the roulette wheel.

The punter whale is a rare species whose number doesn't exceed 500 individuals worldwide. When a high stakes gambler honors a casino with his presence, he doesn't go unnoticed; he is often escorted by a personal entourage (imposing bodyguards and beautiful girls who might help him get lucky) and is given special treatment by hoteliers. The world's biggest gamblers can afford to lose what an average Joe might not even earn in a lifetime. For whales, a $50,000 bet is a tiny bet, and their line of credit can easily reach $4 to $5 million in a weekend.

Here's a brief account of the most famous bets:

British Media tycoon Robert Maxwell is said to have lost $2,685,000 in three minutes after placing bets on three different roulette wheels at the same time. Just imagine losing $15,000 a second! The Czech-born billionaire and former Labor MP was playing at the prestigious “Les Ambassadeurs” Casino in London.

Les Ambassadeurs
In another renowned London casino, a businessman from South Korea lost $14 million betting on roulette in 1993. Apparently though, most high-rollers prefer to gamble in Macau, Monaco, or Australia, where they enjoy more privacy than in Las Vegas and London casinos. Asians make up 80% of this extremely exclusive clientèle.

Also in London, this time at the famed and select Crockford gambling house, Greek tycoon Frank Sarakakis, owner of an Athens automobile company, reportedly lost $13 million playing roulette in 1994.
Fouad al-Zayat, a Syrian-born businessman and one of London's biggest punters, is known to bet hundreds of thousands of dollars on roulette in a single sitting. But the Ritz Casino decided to sue Mr Zayat, also known as the “Fat Man,” for allegedly bouncing $3.5 million of checks. According to court reports, Zayat has gambled more than $35 million at the Ritz since 1998. Between 1999 and 2001, he visited the casino 156 times and lost more than $15 million.

In 2004, Ashley Revell, a 32-year-old gambler from London, decided to sell all his belongings (including his wardrobe) to garner enough money for a big bet. He wagered all his life savings on one spin of the roulette wheel at the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas. At the last minute, he chose to place the whole $135,300 on “Red,” double or nothing. When the ball finally settled for “7 Red,” the professional poker player walked away with $270,600.

Play Roulette Online – Psychology of Gamblers

Have you ever thought that roulette can reveal something about the way you think? Well, is ready to challenge you!!!

You've probably heard of online roulette gambling, even if you haven’t played it. This game is one of the more popular ones among casino beginners. Why? Probably because it seems easy to bet either on red or black, odd or even, or whatever number you choose. Here at, we want to tell you the rest of the story.

psychology gamblersEven if you haven’t played roulette, you probably know that roulette is played by dropping a ball on a spinning wheel which has 38 numbered slots (18 red 18 black and two green). In this game, the odds are not in your favor. In fact, in over 5% of spins, the house wins, even if every available number is betted on. Statistically, you are much more likely to lose than to gain. But that's not all the bad news. Trying to increase profits, casino managers have tried to analyze the psychology of gamblers. In their research, they realized that people tend to base their bets on the last spin.

Despite the fact that logically and statistically, individual spins are unrelated, casino can owners use this knowledge of human nature to increase their proceeds in online roulette by up to 30%. Even veteran gamblers are likely to fall prey to this error. Human nature draws people to see causality and patterns in random events.

For example, if you were to flip a coin ten times, and it landed on heads each of the ten times, you would be likely to bet that it would come up tails on the eleventh bet, but statistically, there’s no relationship between the coin tosses.

History Roulette

Roulette, originally a French game, was invented in the 17th century by Blaise Pascal. The game has been played in Paris since 1796, with the 0 being added to the wheel by François and Louis Blanc in 1842 for a house advantage. In early 1800, roulette found popularity in the United States where a second zero, 00, was added to increase the house advantage further. Gradually, roulette became popular in the United States and all over the Continent as one of the most well known casino games. Also referred to as the King of Casino Games, roulette owes its repute to the glamor of the casinos on the French Riviera and Monte Carlo.

History Roulette

The game was patronized in Monaco by the then ruler Prince Charles in the 1800s. He, with Louis Blanc, established the Casino Monte Carlo which is considered the mecca of casinos. Although gambling was subsequently legalized in France, roulette was only played in Monte Carlo, making it exclusive and glamorous to a certain extent.

One of the facts to be associated with the history of the game is that if you add the numbers 1 to 36 on the roulette wheel, the total is 666 – or the Number of the Devil. According to some, this is because François Blanc made a treaty with the devil to secure the secrets of roulette.

Some of the theories suggest roulette to have originated in China, from where it was brought to Europe by the Chinese monks who traded with the Dominican monks. Another view is that Romans played games by spinning their chariot wheels, and this led to roulette.

Until World War II roulette was a popular game in the US. Subsequently, they developed an interest towards blackjack that seemed like a beatable game. Despite roulette losing out to blackjack, it still seems to be a favorite among many, who continued playing the game. Today, it is the oldest existing game in casinos.

Although both the double-zero and single-zero versions of the game were developed in France, the double zero wheel is known as the American wheel, as it has survived the longest in the U.S, while Europeans prefer the single-zero adaptation.

Why Play Casino Roulette Game

There are countless reasons as to why play online roulette. Before heading online and playing away, there are a number of clear advantages to playing online you should know about as they may help you understand the whole experience in a much better way.

Online Roulette

The first reason that makes online roulette a little better is the fact that it's played in a much faster pace than your regular real-world roulette at a brick and mortar casino.

The pace provided by online roulette brings in an extra dimension of thrill that cannot be competed with by land-based casinos.

Another great advantage of the online Roulette is that it's a great practice ground for novice players.

The possibility of opening up one of those “fun accounts”, offered by many online casinos is a great way of learning the ins and outs of the game and become a skilled player before you start putting real money on the table.

The best reason why online roulette is better is the following one. With an online roulette, you don't a dealer ‘giving you the eye' if you try some betting systems. In a real casino, the minute you will attempt to double
up on losing bets, you will be marked as a problematic player.

Roulette Players

The repercussions for this are immense and intimidating, as the whole attitude towards you will change. You will have to be careful not to win too much as casino security will have you removed.

All in all, online Roulette is a great way for novice players to get familiar with the game, provide a faster, more exciting experience, as well as provide a great place to try out a new betting system you ran cross somewhere.

Roulette Bets and Odds Rules Strategy

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games, especially in Europe. In the US it is also favored because of its excitement level and ease of play. The table layout has remained relatively unchanged, the only notable differences are that the European Roulette wheels contain a single zero while the American wheels employ a zero and double zero.


Today's wheels consist of 36 numbers and 0 or 00 (depending on whether the wheel is American or European). Played throughout the world and adored by Europeans and Latin Americans alike Roulette is a game most often associated with a luxurious casino atmosphere. More than any other casino game, Roulette has always symbolized glamour and international elegance.

To begin most un-experienced players are often taken aback by the plethora of bets, colors and odds associated with the game. But as most beginners soon learn the game is quite easy to learn. The high payout odds, of 35 to 1 for a single number bet, are enough to entice anyone to master this game quickly. Read on to learn how to play the ‘Glamour Game' quickly and easily.

Straight bet or single-number bet

This bet is defined as when the player places a bet squarely on one number. The bet must be centered on the number and not touch any of the lines enclosing the number. If the number chosen by the player is landed on the player will receive 35 to 1 odds for this win. The odds are derived from the numbers on the table, 36. The 0 and 00 are not included in the odds payout and give the house an advantage. To better understand let's say you wagered $1 on red 7. If red 7 is landed on you would receive your $1 wager back plus $35 dollars for a total of $36.

The symbols 0 and 00 – These can be played the same as any straight bet.

Split bet or two-number bet

This bet type occurs when the player places a bet on the line between two numbers. If the winning number is one of the two numbers the chip is touching the player wins. The player receives a payout of 17 to 1 here. So for a $1 wager the player receives $17 in addition to his $1 bet on the table.

Street bet or three-number bet – A wager placed on the outside line of a layout indicates that the player wants to play the three numbers going across the layout. The payout odds for a winning bet are 11 to 1.

Square, quarter, corner or four-number bet – When a bet is placed on the intersection between 4 numbers. A win pays 8 to 1 here.

Line or five-number bet – When the player places a wager on the line separating the 0, 00 and the 1, 2, 3 numbers. This is only available on American tables and pays 6 to 1.

Line or six-number bet – Similar to a ‘Street bet' only the chip is placed between the intersection of two rows on the outside line. This is like two ‘Street bets' at one time. A winner will receive 5 to 1 on this wager.

Dozens or 12-number bet – There are three spaces located at the bottom of the table indicating ‘1st Dozen' or the numbers 1 thru 12, ‘2nd Dozen' or the numbers 13 thru 24 and ‘3rd Dozen' or the numbers 25 thru 36. A bet placed on one of these spaces will receive 2 to 1 for a win.

Column or 12-number bet – A bet placed on one of the spaces at the very end of each column pays 2 to 1. This type of wager indicates the player wants to play all 12 numbers contained within that column at once.

Low or high-number bet – Two spaces on the table indicate ‘1-18′ and '19-36'. These are known as ‘low-number' and ‘high-number' bets respectively and payout 1 to 1.

Color Bet – Located below the numbers on the layout and in the center of the table are two spaces. One is colored red the other black. By placing your wager on on or the other you're betting that this color will be the next one landed on. A win here will get you 1 to 1.

Odd or Even-number bets – A 1 to 1 payout as well. By placing your chip(s) on these areas you're wagering that either the next number landed on will be even or odd.


There is little one can do to tilt the odds in their favor when playing this game, other than employ decent strategic bets that reduce the House Edge. Many betting systems have been tried and failed to get the better of this casino game. Betting systems, however, do not work and can often lead to big losses.


The most useful strategy we have found is to use the DOZENS or COLUMN bet and place the same unit on each of two out of the three DOZENS or COLUMNS bet. Since this bet pays 2-to-1, you have a two out of three chance to win one unit.

For example you place a 5 dollar bet on the first DOZEN (1-12) and a 5 dollar bet on the second DOZEN (13-24); the number 17 is hit. You lose your 5 dollar bet on the first dozen, but win 10 dollars on your 5 dollar bet on your second dozen, for a net win of +5 dollars. You can employ the same strategy bet with columns.

Advanced Strategy Considerations for Online Roulette:

There is not much one can do to turn this online game into a winning proposition, however some online casinos do employ the European wheel format with the single 0. We suggest finding a casino that uses this wheel and employing the strategy discussed above or simply betting Red or Black Color Bets. With a Single Zero wheel, these Color Bets offer an almost even gamble. By selecting an online casino with favorable bonuses to new players and using one of these strategies, the online gambler has a good chance of coming out ahead.

Single Zero wheel Casino Online Roulette 

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