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General Information about Roulette at Casinos

The immeasurable level of excitement, the adrenaline pumping action of the spinning wheel, and the fun of playing amid the bustling crowd, is something that drives most gamblers towards the game of Roulette – the king of casino games. Roulette is known to be one of the most popular gambling games. Its name is derived from the French term that literally means ‘Small Wheel.’ The game begins once the croupier spins the roulette wheel-of-fortune in a specific direction and rolls the ball in the direction opposite to the spinning wheel. Once the wheels stops its spin-dance, the ball is pocketed into one number on the wheel, and the player who placed bets on that particular number wins.

Roulette Table

Roulette Online GameA person’s success on the roulette table is exclusively driven by Lady Luck. This is what boosts the level of excitement, and attracts millions of fanatics from all around the world, thereby making roulette one of the biggest revenue generators for the global casino industry. Players get the opportunity to win a fortune by placing two different kinds of bets: the Inside bet and the Outside bet. While the inside bet is placed on the number slot that the ball would stop after the spin, the outside bet is placed on whether the slot number will be even or odd. There are separate independent rules for the lowest and the highest amounts of bets that are applied on an individual basis.

The wheel generally comprises of thirty six numbers divided alternatively between red and black colours. The numbers aren’t arranged in a numerical order, but there might be similarly coloured slots appearing in a consecutive manner. The numbers in the slots aren’t fixed at thirty six and it might differ with the variations in the roulette wheel, with even some small changes in the rules and strategies. The different versions of roulette according to the table layout and some of the most popular ones are discussed ahead.

European Roulette

The European roulette table can be easily recognised by the single green coloured ‘0’ slot at the table top. The European table is fairly easy to use, and the betting grid is also quite self-explanatory because of the simple layout. The inclusion of a single zero on the wheel means that this table provides the best odds of winning as compared to other variations.

American Roulette

American Roulette is similar to the European table, except that it includes an extra slot of double zeros (00) at the top along with the single zero (0) slot. Though both the games are exactly the same, the payouts vary as the odds aren’t as favourable as they are in the European table due to the extra slot of double zeros.

American Roulette

French Roulette

The French Roulette table is basically a redesigned version of the European table. All the betting options and odds remain the same, except some appearance tweaks made especially for this version. The numbers on this wheel go straight to the centre of the gambling grid, with black, red, odd and even bets spanned on either side.

These are only a few types of roulette variations to name as the list goes on and on, with special mentions of online roulette versions. One just needs to pick up the best table, follow the rules and implement correct strategies to get an edge in the game and spin the wheel of fortune.

Roulette Myths

RouletteAlmost anyone who has ever played roulette will have heard their fair share of myths, mostly from other players who think that they have hit upon an unbeatable strategy for winning. However fantastic the strategy sounds, it is always wide to remember that it is probably false.

Firstly, a roulette wheel has no memory. This means that there is no pattern to the numbers or colours on which the little ball ends up. Any notion that there is a pattern to the game’s play is nonsense, though it may offer some small psychological comfort to the player.

But a roulette wheel does not conform to patterns. The ball will land where it wants to, determined purely by chance. While players may enjoy a hot streak where all their bets seem to come in, it will end eventually. Anyone who claims to have a foolproof system to beat the roulette wheel is undoubtedly lying, to themselves as much as anything.

But the unpredictability of roulette is what keeps us coming back to it. The thrill of the game comes from its chance and sense of randomness. All of which helps to make an actual win all the sweeter when it happens. Forget about systems and strategies, their existence is one of the biggest myths in any kind of gambling.

Instead, go to the roulette wheel looking for fun and entertainment, and you are sure not to be disappointed.

Rules of Roulette

A roulette wheel is divided into segments, with a hollow corresponding to each segment. The design of the wheel ensures that a small ball, launched in the opposite direction to the wheel’s rotation, comes to rest in one of these hollows when it loses momentum. The croupier sets the wheel in motion, launches the ball around the rim of the wheel, and wherever it lands determines the winners and losers, the players involved having placed bets on the outcome. Players place their bets, usually with casino chips representing their stake money, on a cloth-covered table called the layout, with a 12×3 matrix of numbers (36 in total) corresponding to the wheel. These numbers form the inside betting area, with other areas marked outside the matrix termed the outside.

The layout allows players to gamble on different probabilities. The selection paying the highest return on a win is that of betting on the winning number, and that number only, paying out at odds of 35 to 1. A one-chip bet (regardless of the currency value of the chip) therefore returns 35 chips to the player, plus their one chip that they bet with. The bets with the lowest return are the outside bets of odd or even, red or black, or those on one half or other of the wheel (1 to 18, 19 to 36). A number of intermediate betting variations allow the player to vary their betting strategy according to the risk they wish to take.

Factors to Consider When playing casino games online

casino games Recently the free online casino gambling has turned out to be a game that is cent percent risk free. Hence, it’s no wonder that online casinos are glutting the world of the web, turning it tougher for the gamblers to identify the best available online gambling sites for them.

As a matter of fact, a lot less pressure and more pleasure is obtained by the gambler playing at an online casino than in the real physical casinos. Noise free and healthy environment at home can bring in good thoughts in your mind which can help in better deciding your lucky number.

Irrespective of the fact of playing at a free online casino or a web gambling site involving the real money, the real pleasure of gambling is obtained only when the site provides you with all the expected features of the real casino. While selecting the best gambling site a lot of things are there which needs to be taken into consideration.

You can begin your extensive research from the available lists of the best gambling sites that are provided in the review section of various gaming websites. Check out the top ones from all of these lists and make a small final list of the five best online gambling sites which got repeated the maximum number of times. Then try to open all of these 5 online gambling sites in order to scrutinize them with the target of identifying the best online gambling site for your style of playing online casino games.

Identify the vendor of the software they are making use of. Try to know whether or not the software supplier for the site is well renowned in the world of online casinos or not. Undoubtedly, a quality software brand turns good gambling websites into the best in the business.

Always select a user-friendly gambling site which does not take too much time for time consuming graphics or any other complex steps to play the online casino in their site. To get real gambling pleasure choose the website that makes use of excellent graphical software. For this you also got to have an updated PC with a high speed Internet connection.

Then take a deep look at the manifold casino games that the site is offering for its registered members and guests.In addition to this, go through all the comments and the reviews  of the other current players of that online casino.Online casino gaming has been a revolution of this era. Now people can play casino games sitting on they home couch. Not only that, but nowadays people can get the online casinos reviews and casino tips online too. This great invention indicates that a new era has begun for you to play safely on the Web.

The Most Dangerous Betting Systems

As long as there has been gambling, there have been betting systems. Gamblers have tried to use various systems of betting to beat the casino games. Unfortunately, many of these systems have no mathematical basis and those that do are still flawed in other ways. There is one system gamblers use to wager that is more dangerous than all the rest.

Hello Mr. Martingale

The most infamous betting system of all-time is known as the “Martingale.” Gamblers have used this method for generations. Most were certain that using this system would guarantee them success in the casino. The mathematics behind the system are sound, but the casinos have implemented rules to keep it from being effective.The system itself is actually quite simple. Using the game of roulette as an example, you would choose an “even money” (1:1) bet. In other words, you would use this method with wagers that paid you 10 dollars if you bet 10 dollars, such as selecting red or black on the roulette wheel. Once you made your selection, you place a small wager, preferably the table minimum. If you won the bet, you would remove your winnings and make another even money selection. If you lost the wager, you would double the amount. If you began with a five dollar bet and lost, you would raise your bet to 10 dollars. If you were to lose the 10 dollar wager, you would double the wager to 20 dollars. This pattern would continue until you won, and then you would return to your original wager. In theory, this method of betting works. As long as you can keep doubling your bet, eventually you will win and your profit will be the amount of your original wager. However, utilizing this system in the casino environment can be financially devastating. The casinos have maximum betting limits for this very reason. If red or black comes up multiple times in a row, you will be wagering a large amount of money to win very little. At some point, you will reach the table limit and not be allowed to double your bet. When this occurs, you will have lost an extremely large sum of money. Many people believe that it is unlikely for one color to come up that many times in a row, but it happens more than people realize. It is not that uncommon for one color to come up 10 or more times in a row.

Other Losing Progression Betting Systems

Any system of betting where you increase the amount of your wager after you lose should be avoided. This is called a losing progression or “chasing” your losses. Gamblers who use any of these systems of betting often experience financial ruin much more quickly than a gambler who is flat betting (betting the same amount). Losing progressions or doubling up after a loss may seem like a logical way to quickly recoup your losses, but when a long losing streak occurs it will deplete your bankroll.

Avoid any type of losing progression system of betting. Whether it is the Martingale system where you double your initial wager after a loss or any other system where you increase your wager after a loss.

The Best Roulette Strategies

Roulette has been around since the 18th century in France. It is one of the more popular table games in the casino. A lot of gamblers are attracted to roulette because of its simplicity. Anybody can pick a number or pick a color. There are others that use complex betting systems in an attempt to beat the game. The reality is, roulette does not offer the best player odds and cannot be beat over the long term, but there are a few strategies that can significantly reduce the house edge.

“Even Odds” vs. “Even Money”

There is a common misconception that betting on an “even money” bet in roulette (red, black, odd, even, 1-18, 19-36) is also an “even odds” bet. “Even odds” and “even money” are two different things. “Even money” means if you place a bet for five dollars you will win the same amount, five dollars. “Even odds” means the casino does not have a built-in advantage over the player. The casino and the player have a 50/50 chance of success. This is not true for “even money” bets in roulette. The casino has an advantage because the roulette wheel has a green zero (0) and sometimes a green double zero (00). If you bet on red and the ball lands on green or black, you lose. The casino gets the advantage by having the extra green spot(s).

Green Zero and Double Zero

Never play on a roulette wheel that has both a green 0 and 00. This is the best roulette strategy a player can use. These wheels are also known as American wheels. Only play wheels that have a single zero, which are sometimes referred to as European wheels. By applying this one strategy, you are reducing the casino's advantage by almost 50 percent. The casino has a 5.26 percent advantage on an American wheel and a 2.70 percent advantage on a wheel that has only a single green zero.

“La Partage” and “En Prison” Rules

These are European rules that can further reduce the house edge on all “even money” bets. If you place a wager on an “even money” bet and the ball lands on the green zero, the player gets half of their bet back. This is known as “la partage.” If the “en prison” rule is in effect and the ball lands on the green zero, the player gets to keep the wager in place for an additional spin. If the player wins on the next spin, the original bet is returned without any additional winnings. Both of these rules are beneficial to the player. Try to find games that incorporate these rules.

Be Careful of Betting Systems

Many gamblers try to use different systems of betting to overcome the house advantage in roulette. Unfortunately, roulette has a fixed advantage which no system of betting can reduce. Depending on the setup and the rules of the game, the casino has a certain percentage advantage that cannot be lowered through altering wagers. Do not use a losing progression system of wagering. Increasing your bet after a loss can be dangerous. See: Learn more about the dangers of using a losing progression betting system.

Roulette is not a game that can be played with a small house edge, but there are certain games of roulette that are better than others. If you enjoy playing roulette, only play single zero games and games that use the “la partage” or “en prison rules.” There is no special system of wagering that will insure your success. Find the best games and hope luck is on your side.

Understanding the Roulette Betting Systems

Roulette Betting Systems

When it comes to betting and gambling at the roulette wheel, some players simply place bets on gut feelings or instincts. Others, however, prefer to use a more proven method for placing bets. This is where roulette betting systems come into play. To understand why people use these systems and how they work, you need to understand what they are and the theories behind them.

What is the Martingale Betting System?

Of all the roulette betting systems out there, the martingale betting system is one of the oldest and most popular. Using this system, a player doubles his bet with every loss. This is done until the player wins. When the player wins, he or she goes back to the original bet amount. For example, let's say you set your bet amount at $10. If you lose your initial bet, your next bet would be $20. If that bet were lost, you would then bet $40. This continues until you win a spin. When you win, your original bet will go back down to $10 and it starts all over again. This can ensure that your losses are made up when a win eventually does occur, but it can also wreak financial disaster if you run out of money before you are able to get that win.

What is the Cancellation Betting System?

When it comes to the cancellation betting system, the system doesn't offer any real advantage to a player. The system is still popular however, as it provides some method to the roulette madness. With this system, you start with a series of numbers that equate to bets. When you win, you cross that number that you just played (the bet that you placed) off your list. If you lose, you add the total that you just played to the end of your series of numbers. The theory is that when all the numbers have been cancelled off your list, you will have a profit that is equal to the sum of your original numbers.

What is the Grand Martingale Betting System?

The grand martingale betting system is similar in nature to the martingale betting system. The difference is that this system involves units in addition to doubling. When you lose, you double the bet and add another unit. So, let's say your initial bet is $10. That means each unit would be $10. Every time you lose, you would double your bet and add a unit. For example, say that you bet $10 and lose. Your next bet would be $30 ($10 doubled, plus an additional $10 unit). If you lose again, your next bet is $70 ($30 doubled, plus an additional $10 unit). You continue to wager this way until you win. Once you win, your bet goes down to your original $10 unit. While this betting system can put a pretty penny in your pocket if odds work out in your favor, it can also cause you to lose all your wagering money rather quickly.

What is the d'Alembert Betting System?

The d'Alembert betting system is based on the theory that if one bet wins more than another bet, and then the bet that wins is less likely to win again. When using this system, when you place a bet and win, you decrease your bet by one unit after the win. When you place your bet and lose, you increase your bet by one unit after the loss. For example, let's say that you set your betting unit at $5. If you place the bet and lose, you then bet $10. If you lose again, you then bet $15. If a win then occurs, you reduce your bet down to $10. You continue using this pattern until you are done playing.

What is the Oscar's Grind Betting System?

Of the roulette betting systems that players use, Oscar's grind is one of the newer systems. It was made popular after the release of Allan Wilson's book, “The Casino Gambler's Guide.” When you use this betting system, you do nothing to your bet after a loss. When you win, however, you increase your bet by one unit. For example, if you bet $10 and win, you bet $10 again. If you win again, you bet another $10. If you then lose, you bet $20. If you lose again, you bet $30. This pattern continues throughout your game play. The idea is that you will recoup any losses when you increase your bets after your losses.

There is much debate over whether or not roulette betting systems actually work. Some gamblers swear by them. Others insist that they are nothing more than a nightmare waiting to happen. There is one thing that is certain, however. If you want to do more than place bets on a whim, these betting systems offer a method for placing bets and the potential to recoup losses (if you win before your money runs out).

Cheating in Roulette

Cheating in Roulette is probably the most common and easiest in gambling. One of the most popular roulette cheating methods is called ‘past posting' and dates many years back.


After the wheel has spun and the ball heads for its final landing, the dealer will usually look down in order to see what the winning number will be. A player who has a sharp eye and skillful hand will use this opportunity to place their bet on the winning number. This form is cheating is most common in games that are run by one dealer. The cheater will usually remove a losing bet, place a winning bet, or switch the losing roulette bets onto another number. This method requires one to be very quick, calculating, and sharp. Dealers are well aware of this method, and if one is accused of using it, you should always claim ignorance.

Ball control is another method that can be useful for cheating in roulette. Roulette is strongly influenced by the croupier, and therefore their actions will influence where the ball lands. Years and years of spinning cause the dealer to develop ‘muscle memory', or a consistent delivery system. It is believed that dealers are able to influence the result of a game, and navigate where the ball will fall. Observations have shown that male dealers tend to be territorial and control their spins if one wins constantly at their tables. But, there is no way to prove that a dealer is cheating you. If you feel that the dealers ball control affects you, then it is best to watch their spin before placing a bet. Building a rapport with a skillful dealer is also advisable as it strengthens your game, and in turn may help you exploit the dealer's ability.

The use of concealed computers involves examining the mechanical conditions of the roulette wheel and table and using a prediction based on the computer using the laws of Newton in physics. This game could be seen as an advantage system rather that a method of cheating, but using computer devices is illegal in most casinos, and therefore it is difficult to use them.

Doyne Farmer and Norman Packard, alongside a team of other physicists and computer scientists tried to create a computer that was capable of predicting the game of roulette. This was done before the use of computers was deemed illegal in casinos.

A tiny computer was developed from scratch by this team of physicists, and they developed their own software that calculated various equations of motions that were involved. This software was flexible enough to adapt to any roulette wheel or game. An excellent job was done when programming this computer, but problems arose when it came to hiding the computer, and its power supply, as well as logistical problems. The building of a device like this involves a deep knowledge of mathematics, electronics, physics, as well as computer science and information theory.

While physicists were in the process of trying to develop a new method, the Governor of Nevada passed a law that stated it was illegal to use any device that would assist in the outcome of a game, and that anyone caught using or even simply possessing such a device would be imprisoned for up to ten years, or be fined $10,000. Think carefully before attempting to use this method.

Roulette Cheats: Some examples from real life
Here is an example of a guy who almost got away with it. Earlier this year a Hungarian gambler, Laszlo Kovacs, installed a small computer in his shoe, activated by tapping. Using factors such as the velocity of the roulette wheel when it's spinning, the computer calculated what number would show up next.

Laszlo Kovacs

However, Kovacs ran out of luck and was ultimately arrested by Australian police for using roulette cheats. According to authorities' estimates, Kovacs collected approximately $200,000 in various casinos.Another interesting question is, would they work on other casino games, not just roulette. Nevertheless, don't get any strange ideas, as we repeat-the device is strictly forbidden.

Another example of an attempt to use roulette tricks at the roulette table concerns three alleged cheaters from Eastern Europe. In March of this year, two Serbian men and a Hungarian woman were accused of collecting about $2.4 million in winning at roulette, with the help of a laser scanner in a cellular phone.

The police now needed to figure out if the scanner was actually capable of predicting in which pocket the would fall. Experts in the gaming industry are not easily convinced that the laser device is fit for this mission, or, in fact, that any other apparatus can cope with the task. According to UK gaming law, the ball must circle the roulette wheel no less than three times. After three spins, the dealer announces “no more bets.” The laser device must be quick enough to calculate the outcome in merely a few seconds. Although at present, there are no specific rules about cheating in casinos, there are various government proposals that do address the prohibition of outside influences on casino gaming.

Roulette Equipment

Roulette Table:

The first thing you'll notice when you get to a roulette game is that there is a special roulette table. There are two types of roulette tables that are commonly found in casinos in the United States.

One type has a betting layout at one end and the wheel is at the other end. The other kind of table is called the double-end table, and has two layouts with a single wheel between them in the center of the table.

layout center

Roulette Layout:

If you don't want to buy a whole roulette table,'s staff recommends that you buy a 36 x 72 inch roulette layout which can sit on any ordinary table. A simple roulette layout costs under $20. The layout is a design on green felt. It has many sections designed to give players an easy way to show what they want to bet. The roulette layout has spaces for all 36 numbers, as well as spaces for black and red bets, evens and odds, each of the three columns, and a few other betting possibilities. Players signal their bets by putting chips on the appropriate space.

Roulette Balls:

Roulette Balls were once made of ivory, but today's roulette balls are typically plastic. They can have a diameter of ½ inch to ¾ of an inch.

Wheel Checks or Wheel Chips:

Unlike other games, roulette uses different colored chips for each player. A typical pile of chips is 300 chips, and all the chips have the same value. The different colored chips show which player has made the bet. The chips can be made of plastic, wood, or clay.

Roulette Wheels:

There are two main types of roulette wheels. The American wheel has 36 numbers, and the numbers 0 and 00. The European wheel has 36 numbers and a single zero. The wheels are the same in construction. Part of the wheel rests on the table, while the other part is attached on a pivot, meaning that it can be rotated easily by the croupier.